CFP: APEIRON - Student Journal of Philosophy (Portugal) "Philosophy, Religion and Atheism" w/ S. Zizek

Submission deadline: December 4, 2016

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Call for Papers:

"Apeiron" - a portuguese journal of philosophy organized by the students of the University of Minho invites students from all the levels of study for contributions for papers.

The main goal of Apeiron is to give an opportunity to young researchers to have a plataform to publish early works on several topics. 

The main target have been the portuguese students; but from now on we will have a special place dedicated to publish papers in english.

This nr. 9 will be focused on "Philosophy, Religion and Atheism", and will be having the participation of a special guest: Professor Slavoj Zizek  (European Graduate School)                                   

Specifically, we are searching for proposals on the following topics: 

1) History and Philosophy of Religion and Atheism;

2) Is Religion necessary nowadays?

3) Relationship between Religion and Ethics;

4) Relationship between Religion and Politics;

5) Is the concept of God coherent? 

6) The problem of evil and free-will; 

7) Do we need to postulate a God in order to explain the natural world?

8) Arguments in favour of the existence of God and their analysis;

9) How can one justify a religious belief? 

10) Is God a human creation?

11) Does Faith have any (scientific, epistemologic, etc) relevance?

Other issues that fall under the general discussion.

Target: Undergraduate Students, Masters Students or Ph.D. Students.

- Due: December 4, 2016
- Notification of accepted proposals:  December 10, 2016

 Submit your proposal to [email protected] or [email protected]

Note: "Apeiron" doesn't have a formal scientific committee or a blind-review system. However, should the editor need help, he will, informally, aks a Portuguese expert of the topic for such. 

"Apeiron" is published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing.

For questions, please contact us at - [email protected]

Thank you for your consideration.

Steven S. Gouveia (Editor) 

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