Platonism and Christian Thought in Late Antiquity - International Workshop in Oslo on the Philosophy of Late Antiquity

December 1, 2016 - December 3, 2016
Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, University of Oslo

GM 452
Blindernveien 31, Blindern
Oslo 0315

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  • Society for Ancient Philosophy at UiO

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The aim of this Workshop is to bring together in Oslo scholars at an early career stage for presenting papers on the encounter between Platonism and Christian thought in Late Antiquity.

The influence of Platonism on Early Christian thought is acknowledged to have been profound. Numerous studies have brought new knowledge both about Platonic ontology and ethics as well as on Christian metaphysics and anthropology, demonstrating how a number of Early Christian writers engaged with Platonism in their endeavours to deepen and systematize the Christian doctrine and faith.

Over the past three decades, the Department of Philosophy at the University of Oslo has become a pioneer in the research on the History of Philosophy. The study of Neoplatonism and Christian thought has been a distinct interest of some of the researchers in ancient philosophy.


Alexopoulos, Lambros: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Open University of Cyprus

Bieler, Jonathan: Department of Theology, University of Zurich - Switzerland

Brown-Dewhurst, Emma: Department of Theology and Religion, Durham University - UK

Ekenberg, Tomas: Department of Philosophy, University of Uppsala - Sweden

Emilsson, Eyjólfur Kjalar: Department of Philosophy, University of Oslo - Norway

Gullino, Silvia: University of Padua - Italy

Hauer, Mareike: Department of Philosophy, KU Leuven - Belgium

Hecht, Christine: Department of Philosophy, University of Tübingen - Germany

Hoenig, Christina: Department of Classics, University of Pittsburg - USA

Janby, Lars Fredrik: Department of Philosophy, University of Oslo - Norway

Mateiescu, Sebastian: Department of Philosophy, University of Bucharest - Romania

Morlet, Sébastien: University of Sorbonne, Paris IV - France

Moro, Enrico: Department of Philosophy, University of Padua - Italy

Pavlos, Panagiotis G.: Department of Philosophy, University of Oslo - Norway

Petkas, Alexander: Department of Classics, Princeton University, New Jersey - USA

Pirtea, Adrian: Free University of Berlin - Germany

Pomeroy, Samuel: Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, KU Leuven - Belgium

Robinson, Joshua: Department of Theology and Religion, Durham University - UK

Scott, Mark: Department of Religious Studies, Thorneloe University at Laurentian, Ontario - Canada

Strand, Narve: Department of Philosophy, University of Oslo - Norway

Tolan, Daniel: Clare College, Cambridge University - UK

Tollefsen, Torstein Theodor: Department of Philosophy, University of Oslo - Norway

Vasilakis, Dimitrios: Department of Philosophy, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, LMU Munich - Germany

Wood, Jordan: Boston College, Massachusetts - USA

* Due to an enormous amount of abstracts received, the Workshop Committee has - thanks to an additional generous support from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Oslo - been allowed to increase the total number of participants, as above.


With this Call for Papers we invite abstracts for papers from PhD students, postdocs and early career researchers, on any topic focusing on Platonism and Christianity in Late Antiquity. We encourage interdisciplinary approaches; we welcome proposals within philosophy, patristics and the history of Late Antiquity. Although proposals on any aspect of this research field are welcome, preference may be given to papers on the following topics:

I. Porphyry of Tyre and Christianity

II. The question on Evil in Late Antiquity

III. Augustine and Christian Platonism in imperial Milan

IV. Apophaticism in Greek thought

The Workshop is promoted by the Society for Ancient Philosophy at UiO.


Papers should be prepared for 30 minutes presentation, which will be followed by feedback and discussion. Paper abstracts, up to 300 words, should be sent to the Workshop Committee: [email protected]

The Committee will discuss the proposals and will approve 11 papers for presentation.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is August 10, 2016.

All applicants will be given a notice on their abstract by August 20, 2016.

Accepted papers should be submitted no later than November 10, 2016. Participants will receive a copy of all accepted papers at least 2 weeks in advance of the Workshop.

The Workshop will cover the accommodation costs in Oslo (2 nights hotel stay on the nights of December 2nd and 3rd, meals and coffee during the event, and a farewell dinner). The Workshop will also provide some financial support for travel expenses to those participants who do not dispose sufficient travel funds. For that matter and for any further inquiries concerning the Workshop, please contact: [email protected]

All IFIKK students and UiO staff, as well as anyone interested in Late Antiquity, are most welcome to attend.

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