VI Thomas Aquinas International Society Conference

April 20, 2017 - April 22, 2017
SITA Thomas Aquinas International Society

"St. Thomas Hospitality", close to Convent of Saint Dominic

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Vincenzo Benetollo
Thomas Aquinas Pontifical University

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The Sixth Thomas Aquinas International Society Conference -- entitled "The Human Person: Id quod est perfectissimum in tota natura (Summa Theologica I,29,3)" -- will be held in Bologna on April 20-22 2017. It will be divided into 4 sessions regarding Aquinas’s thought on the human person from the historical, metaphysical, ethical, and political point of view, respectively. Each of these sessions will have invited speakers (who will have approximately 40 minutes at their disposal) and presentations provided on a call for papers basis (each of one will occupy 15 to 20 minutes). A fifth session will consist of a competition among multimedia projects to promote the knowledge of Aquinas’s thought in our days.

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