Normativity in Language

October 6, 2016 - October 8, 2016
Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto

170 St George Street
Toronto M5R 2M8


Jennifer Carr
UC San Diego
Thony Gillies
Rutgers University
Anandi Hattiangadi
Stockholm University
Karen Lewis
Columbia University
Shen-yi Liao
University of Puget Sound
Robert May
UC Davis
David Plunkett
Dartmouth College
Paulo Santorio
University of Leeds
Una Stojnic
New York University
University of California, Berkeley


Nate Charlow
University of Toronto

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Attendance is free and open to all. If you are planning on attending (and are not on the program), you must either email Nate Charlow, or register here.


This is a conference on Normativity in Language, broadly understood to encompass:

  • Theorizing about normative language
  • The role of normativity in theorizing about language

Scheduled speakers include:

  • Thony Gillies (Rutgers)
  • Shen-yi Liao (Puget Sound)
  • Robert May (UC Davis)
  • Una Stojnic (NYU/ANU)
  • Seth Yalcin (UC Berkeley)

Scheduled commentators include:

  • Jennifer Carr (UCSD)
  • Anandi Hattiangadi (Stockholm)
  • Karen Lewis (Columbia/Barnard)
  • David Plunkett (Dartmouth)
  • Paolo Santorio (Leeds)

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October 5, 2016, 5:00am EST

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