CFP: Societate si Politica: God and the Order of Nature in Early Modern Thought: Topics in Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Natural Science

Submission deadline: June 15, 2012

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The Journal SOCIETATE ȘI POLITICĂ is searching for articles and book reviews for its Autumn 2012 issue.

Invited editors:

Laura Georgescu (University of Bucharest)

Grigore Vida (New Europe College, Bucharest)

In the contemporary world, we are used to consider science and religion as entirely separate domains. However, in the early modern period the aim of scientific inquiry was often considered to be the deciphering of God’s plan and will, as manifested in nature.  It was not only theology and metaphysics that dealt with God; natural philosophy and even mathematics were also deeply tied to conceptions about God’s involvement in nature as a creator and sustainer of its order. Conceptions about God and his relation to the created world directly determined the scientific practice in terms of methodological, epistemological or metaphysical principles; at the same time, the effort to make nature intelligible ended up in revealing God’s intentions or even his “nature”. This special issue of Societate și politică aims to explore the ways in which God and the order of nature were treated in a single natural-philosophical enterprise, mutually influencing each other. Societate și politică welcomes research coming from different fields (history of philosophy, history and philosophy of science, history and philosophy of mathematics, etc.) and strongly encourages cross-disciplinary approaches.

SOCIETATE ȘI POLITICĂ is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by Western University “Vasile Goldiș”, Arad, Romania. See It welcomes original, high-quality research coming from the disciplines of philosophy, history of political thought, intellectual history, history and philosophy of science, favouring interdisciplinary and cross- disciplinary approaches. Papers no longer than 8.000 words, or book reviews no longer than 800 words, should be submitted by email to Grigore Vida, [email protected] and Laura Georgescu,[email protected].

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Deadline 15th of June 2012

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