Philosophy & Education

March 24, 2017 - March 25, 2017
School of Philosophy, Catholic University of America

Aquinas Hall
621 Michigan Ave.
Washington, D. C. 20064
United States

This will be an accessible event, including organized related activities

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Keynote speakers:

Richard Velkley
Tulane University


Mary Elizabeth Halper
The Catholic University of America

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Philosophical inquiries into education have throughout the history of philosophy born repeated and august fruit.  Again and again, we find that the question of education becomes the question of philosophy itself.  

This conference proposes the topic of philosophy & education to include both philosophical treatments of education as well as treatments of philosophy as education.

We welcome a variety of approaches including interpretations of the work of philosophers ancient to modern as far as they address the topic, as well as strictly thematic inquiries on such issues as

  • epistemological questions: the mechanics of learning, teaching, and coming to know
  • political questions: liberal and liberating education, the function of educational institutions
  • ethical questions: the moral responsibility of educators, the purpose of education
  • metaphysical questions: who is the teacher? pedagogue v. demagogue; philosopher v. sophist

Submit abstracts of 200-400 words as a PDF prepared for blind review to by 16 December 2016.
 Include name and institution in body of email.
You will be notified of admission by 6 January 2017.

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