Metaphysics Through Centuries

December 2, 2016
Philosophy, University College London, Senate House

Senate House Room
University of London Senate House
Malet Street WC1E7HU
United Kingdom

This will be an accessible event, including organized related activities


  • Institute of Philosophy
  • The Mind Association


Simona Aimar
Alexander Kaiserman
Oxford University
Carlotta Pavese
Duke University
Hsueh Ming Qu
National University of Singapore

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9-9.30 Breakfast time

9.30-10.40 Alexander Kaiserman (Oxford) - Alternative Possibilities in Context

11-12.10 Carlotta Pavese (Duke) - A Theory of Practical Meaning

12.10-14.10 LUNCH BREAK

14.10-15.20 Hsueh Ming Qu (Singapore) - Type Distinctions of Reason and Hume's Separability Principle

15.40-16.50 Simona Aimar (UCL) - Modality in Aristotle

PUB/DINNER (Tim Williamson is also giving a talk on Spaces of Possibility at 17.45 at the Royal Institute of Philosophy - 14 Gordon Square)

See you there!

This workshop is devoted to create a friendly environment fostering discussions among philosophers working in metaphysics, both within different periods of the history of philosophy, and in contemporary metaphysics. The thought is that comparing and contrasting metaphysical views from different times promises to create fruitful and stimulating exchanges. Or so we believe.

Please come and join us! We look forward to having you there.

(Lunch and snack will be provided; there will also be a conference dinner at the end of the day.)

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