Royal Institute of Philosophy Workshop: Self-Knowledge

December 12, 2011
Philosophy Department, University of Birmingham

Room G51, ERI Building
United Kingdom

Main speakers:

Cynthia Macdonald
University of Manchester
Åsa Wikforss
Stockholm University

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According to a legend, the words ‘Know thyself’ were inscribed in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. This aphorism has always fascinated philosophers. Plato, for example, discussed it in at least six of his dialogues. More recently, philosophers have been very interested in self-knowledge understood as knowledge about our own mental states. The presentations at this workshop will discuss the recent work on how is it that we can know what we think. They also explore the special features of this kind knowledge.

The workshop is open to all audiences, and there is no attendance fee (refreshments will be free, but drinks and dinner will not be included). For any enquiries, please contact Dr Jussi Suikkanen ([email protected]).

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