Atheism Revisited

October 25, 2017 - October 26, 2017
Faculty of "Artes Liberales", University of Warsaw

ul. Dobra 72

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Atheism Revisited

25-26 October 2017

Faculty of "Artes Liberales", University of Warsaw

During the conference we would like to discuss both the concept of atheism and the atheism of thinking. The word “atheism” assumed different meanings throughout history, it has been used as a political weapon and as a strictly theoretical declaration, it appeared at the core of some philosophical projects and at the margins of others, it has been combined with authoritarianism and with democracy, it has been perceived as utopian or as the only possible realism. While in the social life of the West it seems to occupy a hegemonic position, its philosophical implications and perhaps even the necessity for a larger theoretical context has not yet been fully addressed.

In particular, we would like to consider the possibility of thinking without the concept of God. We are going to ask, is the concept of God an indispensable condition for thinking, i.e., its unconscious category? If so, we might suspect that atheism as a philosophical position is a complicated one, requiring further explanation and not to be taken for granted, even in  times of “generalised facile atheism”.

In a more political context, we need to address the idea of democracy as an atheist project and scrutinize the implications of the erasure of God from the political order. We should ask again, is democracy the only possible implication of politicized atheism? If not – how does absolutism find its way into atheist political contexts and does it require political theology to succeed?


This is an interdisciplinary conference, focusing on philosophy, but not reduced to it – we invite theoretical contributions and historical, literary or clinical case studies on these and related themes from philosophers, sociologists, psychoanalysts, literary theorists, historians, anthropologists, and others. Presentations are expected to take 30 minutes. Another 20 minutes is planned for discussion. 

Please send abstracts of max 300 words, attached in a word-document, to by 30 June 2017. We will respond by 30 August 2017, and present a preliminary programme.


A participation fee, which includes two shared dinners, will be of  400 PLN (Polish zloty) before June 2017 or 500 PLN right before the symposium.

Data for bank transfer: Bank Millennium. IBAN: PL 54 1160 2202 0000 0000 6084 9484. Swift code:  BIGBPLPWXXX.

Please write the word “atheism” in the title field of the transfer.

Fees must be sent by bank transfer/international bank transfer. Your participation is only confirmed once we have received your completed registration form as well as your payment. Additional information will be distributed after your abstract has been accepted or after the programme has been finalized.

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