Comprehensive Analytical Overview of Impact of Government Regulations in Biocides Market Growth across Geographies

November 22, 2016, 7:30pm - 8:00pm
Chemical & material, IndustryARC

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Two prime reasons driving the need for having a governmental check on the use of biocides is increasing health issues in not only humans but also in animals. Fungi and bacteria have the potential to cause sever harms which needs to be curbed on high importance levels. Biocidal products help in preventing or controlling unwanted microbial growth across a variety of coating materials, energy products or construction products. Broader purposes like disinfectants, preservatives, pesticides and biocidal products are booming globally.

Organic compounds, halogen compounds, metallic compounds, nitrogen compounds and others are the top selling types of biocides with constant growth in the demand and supply. Manufacturers and suppliers have increased push to provide organic biocides since the awareness of eco-friendly products is rising among users and this will further lead to heightened demand in the coming years.

These products are used by various end-users industries such as water treatment, food and beverages, personal care, wood preservatives, paints & coatings. Organizations that manufacture, produce, formulate or sell biocidal products are now strictly obliged to comply with Biocidal Products Regulations that have recently been introduced.

The primary clauses are:

  • Authorization of biocides
  • Treating articles and labelling obligations
  • Quality check on harmful effects of chemicals on environment, animals or humans
  • Consortium formation and biocidal product families
  • In situ generated active substances; supply of precursors; generator systems and using in situ active substances
  • Comprehensive Analytical Overview of Impact of Government Regulations in Biocides Market Growth Across Geographies
  • Existing & Emerging Applications of Biocides across the geographies
  • Process and protocols for biocides is major economies
  • Research initiatives undertaken by key players
  • Government initiatives and registration process of various biocides
  • Essential expertise to strengthen biocide infrastructure
  • Requisite biological testing capabilities and registration groups
  • Implication of Newer regulations across the world on the usage of biocides
  • Future Advancement across the emerging economies

The webinar will last approximately 60 minutes.

: Research Manager - Sahiti/Priyanka, IndustryARC

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