ICS Undergraduate Workshop

May 16, 2017 - May 19, 2017
Institute for Christian Studies (ICS)

229 College St. Suite #100
Toronto M5T 1R4

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Creation: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

An ICS Undergraduate Workshop

The concept of creation is intimately bound up with every aspect of human life and society. Ancient and modern theological traditions theorize about the divine as Creator; artistic movements thrive upon the individual and collective creativity of artists, audiences and their communities; even economic life as we know it deeply depends upon the creative potential of institutions working together for the sake of better and more just societies.

The Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto invites paper submissions (see submission guidelines below) from undergraduate students for an intensive workshop on the theme of “Creation” (broadly construed) May 16-19. Some questions we hope to consider include the following:

-        What is creation? What is implied in a relationship between creation and its creator?

-        How is creativity related to rationality or intelligence? In what sense, if any, is creativity a distinctively human phenomenon?

-        Do great works of art owe themselves to something like the “creative genius” of their creator? What is a properly artistic creation, if there is such a thing?

-        In what ways can traditional and/or contemporary creative enterprises serve as “common ground” for constructive dialogue and mutual recognition amongst diverse people groups?

-        Do human beings have an ethical obligation to be creative? Are there moral dangers associated with creativity?

Selected participants will have the opportunity to present their own work before peers and receive feedback from ICS Junior and Senior Members, making connections and “learning the ropes” of the scholarly enterprise at the graduate or professional level. The workshop is a great opportunity for outstanding undergraduate students who might be interested in deepening existing lines of research and pursuing new ones with guidance from budding and established scholars in disciplines such as philosophy, theology, religious studies, etc.

Each selected participant will give a 20-30 minute presentation of their work, which will be followed by a 10-15 minute formal response by an ICS Junior or Senior Member, ultimately culminating in a substantive discussion time amongst peers. The intimacy of the seminar setting is not only a great venue for robust philosophical discussion, but also an extremely valuable experience of what graduate/professional school is like. The event is designed to dedicate significant time and educated attention to the work of each individual participant.

ICS is partnering with Scarboro Missions, which has generously opened its doors to provide a space for the workshop proceedings, three nights’ accommodation and meals for the selected participants. A few travel stipends may also be available according to need and merit of participants’ proposals. Activities in and around the city of Toronto will also be open to those who are interested.

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