Noam Chomsky’s 'The Responsibility of Intellectuals', 50 years on

February 25, 2017
Department of Linguistics; Department of Anthropology, University College London

Cruciform Lecture Theatre
University College London, Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom

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All speakers:

Nicholas Allott
University of Oslo
Noam Chomsky
Chris Knight
University College London
Craig Murray
Milan Rai
Hilary Rose
Neil Smith
University College London
Jackie Walker


Nicholas Allott
University of Oslo

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Noam Chomsky's landmark essay, ‘The Responsibility of Intellectuals’, was published by The New York Review of Books on the 23 February 1967. The article brought Chomsky to public attention as one of the leading US intellectuals in the movement against the Vietnam War. Fifty years on, the issues raised by Chomsky remain burning ones. In this conference, a one-day celebration of the golden anniversary, leading thinkers will reflect on the issues in the context of Chomsky's hugely influential contribution to contemporary thought.

Contributors include:

Noam Chomsky (live video link from Arizona, USA)

Nicholas Allott (co-author of Noam Chomsky, Ideas and Ideals)

Chris Knight (author of Decoding Chomsky)

Craig Murray (former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan)

Milan Rai (author of Chomsky’s Politics)

Hilary Rose (author of Love, Power and Knowledge)

Neil Smith (co-author of Noam Chomsky, Ideas and Ideals)

Jackie Walker (former Vice-Chair of Momentum)

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February 25, 2017, 4:00am BST

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