CFP: Methode - Analytic Perspectives - Special Issue "New Perspectives for the Philosophy of Cognitive Science"

Submission deadline: March 15, 2013

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Keywords: Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Philosophy of Mind

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In the second half of the Twentieth century cognitive science underwent an exponential development, thanks also to the significant progress in the fields of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. A scientific revolution began, whose impact on social reality and culture has been resulting significant. In what way is technology changing our mind? How do we know the reality that surrounds us? Is there an ‘I’? And a soul? Are we truly free or is it merely an illusion? What is language? What are beliefs? How can we understand other people’s minds? These are only some of the questions that philosophy has been raising ever since its origin, and to which cognitive science is now trying to finally answer. The greater understanding of the neuronal basis of emotions, conscience, reasoning, decision making – to make just a few examples – brings up questions with a great philosophical relevance. Science, apart from allowing renewed considerations of the relations between biology and culture, is modifying the intuitive concept that everyone of us has of themselves and that human beings have of their nature. The proposal of this monographic issue stems from the belief that the growth of scientific knowledge has not made old philosophical questions obsolete: on the contrary, they are illuminated with a new light. This consideration is followed by another one: cognitive science has a long path ahead of it and still needs philosophy, along with explanatory methods of a comprehensive nature, for the phenomena it investigates.

Domenica Bruni (University of Messina)
Leonardo Caffo (University of Turin)

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