Fourth annual North Sea Early Modern Philosophy Workshop

September 26, 2012 - September 27, 2012
Department of Philosophy and Moral Sciences, University of Ghent

Blandijnberg 2

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Keynote speakers:

Lisa Shapiro
Simon Fraser University
Nicholas Stang
University of Miami


James Harris
University of St. Andrews
Willem Lemmens
University of Antwerp
Eric Schliesser
University of Ghent

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Wednesday 26 September
De Faculteitszaal (1st floor), Blandijnberg 2
  • 9:00–10:30: Keynote Nicholas Stang (Miami) "Kant's Precritical Theory of Real Possibility"
  • Break
  • 10:45–12:00: Arnaud Pelletier (Leuven) "Desperately seeking Aurora. The object and fate of Leibniz’s Scientia Generalis"
  • Lunch
  • 14:00–15:15: Alissa MacMillan (Toulouse) "Thomas Hobbes and the socially constituted individual"
  • Break
  • 15:30–16:45: Martin Brecher (Bonn) "Thomas Reid on Self–Government, Practical Rationality, and Moral Judgment"
  • Break
  • 17:00–18:15: Martin Lenz (Groningen) "Locke as a Social Externalist"
  • 20:00: Conference dinner
Thursday 27 September Room 1.48, Blandijnberg 2
  • 9:15–10:30: Walter Van Herck (Antwerp) "Atheism and Fanaticism in the Encyclopédie"
  • Break
  • 10:45–12:00: RuthMarcela Espinosa (Leipzig) "General rules and the normative dimension of belief in Hume's epistemology"
  • Lunch
  • 14:00–15:15: Joshua Wood (Texas A&M): "Nisus in Leibniz, Berkeley, and Hume"
  • Break
  • 15:30–17:00: Keynote Lisa Shapiro (SFU, Vancouver): "Hume and Condillac on Consciousness and the Content of Thought"

Contact: Eric Schliesser: [email protected]

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