The Gettier Problem at 50

June 20, 2013 - June 21, 2013
University of Edinburgh

United Kingdom

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Main speakers:

Mark Kaplan
Indiana University
Jennifer Nagel
University of Toronto
Erik Olsson
Lund University
Duncan Pritchard
University of Edinburgh
Ernest Sosa
Rutgers University
Timothy Williamson
Oxford University

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Since the publication of Edmund Gettier's 1963 paper "Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?," a central epistemological issue has been the problem – known as the "Gettier problem" – of supplementing or replacing the traditional tripartite theory of knowledge, by developing a theory of the nature of knowledge not subject to counterexamples of the sort described in that paper. In addition to a vast literature explicitly devoted to this task, the Gettier problem has impacted numerous other areas: the internalism / externalism debate about epistemic justification, the question of the value of knowledge, and work on epistemic intuitions and philosophical methodology (among other areas). This conference, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the publication of Gettier's landmark paper, will bring together leading researchers to reflect on the Gettier problem and its legacy.

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