A Contemporary Context for Spirituality: Discussing clinical Mindfulness in relation to Traditions of Religious Meditation
Dr Cullan Joyce

February 24, 2017, 11:00am - 12:30pm
Department of Philosophy, CTC, UD

Treacy Boardroom
278 Victoria Pde
East Melbourne 3002

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This paper explores the tension between the contemporary clinical application of mindfulness meditation and meditative practices that emerge from within religious traditions. The effectiveness of mindfulness, as it is understood today, is demonstrated in contemporary scientific studies (Gu J et al. 2015 Apr) (M A. Rosenkrantz et al. 2016) (Dimidjian S, Segal ZV, 2015) which indicate a causal relationship between the application of the mindfulness technique and physiological effects. The methodological success of mindfulness poses a challenge to how scholars engage with religious experience; challenging them to demonstrate how the contexts, ontologies, concepts or symbols affect or condition experience. This paper explores mindfulness meditation in the terms above and addresses some ways that scholarship examining religious forms of meditation might meet the challenges it poses. 

Dr Joyce will speak to the paper for 30 minutes. There will also be additional comments/replies from Christopher Morris (lecturer and PhD candidate, CTC/UD), Rev. Dr. John Dupuche (researcher and lecturer at CTC/UD) for 5-10 mins per speaker. They will address, respectively, pedagogical considerations and its theological context. Thereafter, the table will be open to discussion and questions to Dr Joyce.

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