Varieties of Phenomenology

March 24, 2017 - March 25, 2017
Boston Phenomenology Circle

School of Theology Building, Room 325
745 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston 02215
United States


  • Boston University
  • Boston College


David Carr
New School for Social Research
David Cerbone
West Virginia University
Walter Hopp
Boston University
Hanne Jacobs
Loyola University, Chicago
Richard Kearney
Boston College
Sean Kelly
Harvard University
Tim Mooney
University College Dublin


Sean Driscoll
Boston College
Zachary Joachim
Boston University

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The theme of this second symposium of the Boston Phenomenology Circle is Varieties of Phenomenology. What is phenomenology? Already in the wake of Husserl and Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty famously observed that this question is far from being resolved. It remains so today. But now even more so, there is no one thing that is phenomenology. Much like analytic philosophy, it begins as a reaction, but abides as a series of variations–of innovations, leaps, syntheses, divisions, and returns–carrying into the present day. Our aim is to present and put into conversation work embodying some of these variations, with the hope of mutual clarification, insight, and appreciation as to what phenomenology may be.

The format is a two-day workshop taking place at Boston University (Friday, March 24) and Boston College (Saturday, March 25). Speakers will present for forty minutes, followed by forty minutes of discussion. Papers will be distributed in advance, and we encourage participants to have read them prior to the workshop. All are welcome, especially those in the Boston area. 

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