CFP: Evental Aesthetics: Social Justice and Post-Truth Politics

Submission deadline: June 1, 2017

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Evental Aesthetics  

CFP: Social Justice and Post-Truth Politics  

Deadline: 01 June 2017  

Evental Aesthetics is an independent, double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to philosophical and aesthetic intersections.  The journal is open-access, and there are no publication fees.  The Editors seek submissions for a special issue in 2017.   This issue will have two parts, one dedicated to the theme of Social Justice and Post-Truth Politics, and the other devoted more generally to aesthetic questions of any kind.  Thus the Editors seek submissions in two categories.  

1. Social Justice and Post-Truth Politics  

'Post-Truth', the Oxford Dictionary’s 2016 Word of the Year, relates or denotes 'circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief'. Brexit, the US elections and the spread of 'fake news' are just a few examples of a general erosion of trust in traditional political structures and institutions. In response, new forms of protest and resistance are emerging against growing social divisions and politics of exclusion.   Evental Aesthetics seeks submissions that reflect on the notion of 'post-truth' and social justice. How does 'post-truth' feature in artistic and intellectual practice? What are the implications of ‘post-truth’ rhetoric on aesthetic inquiry? What does the term entail for politics of the everyday? Have we ever lived in an age of 'truth' that is now forgotten? What 'is the relationship between technology and 'post-truths'? Is there a ‘post-truth’ aesthetic? What observations or connections can be made between aesthetics, ethics, and social justice? Are acts of resistance and protest inherently aesthetic? How can the study and/or practice of aesthetics become more egalitarian, affirming, and just?    

Suggested topics:  

Post-truth and new media

Aesthetics of post-truth discourses

Post-truth and the aesthetics of everyday life

Post-truth, a challenge for critical theory?

Artistic practice in the post-truth era

Post-truth, ethics & freedom 

Aesthetics of Social Justice

Protest, Resistance, and the Arts

Implications of social justice for study and/or practice of aesthetics  

Topics may be freely interpreted.  However, all submissions must engage philosophical matters.

2. General  

This section will be devoted to philosophical matters pertaining to any aesthetic practice or experience, including but not limited to art and everyday aesthetics.    We welcome articles (4,000-8,000 words) and Collisions (1,000-2,500 words).  Collisions are brief responses to aesthetic experiences that raise philosophical questions, pointing the way towards suggestive discussions.  We're also seeking proposals for Collisions with academic books (EA’s version of book reviews).    Submission and formatting requirements, along with further information on Collisions, are available at  Submissions that do not meet our requirements will not be considered.  With questions not addressed by the EA website, please contact the Editors.  

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