The Future of Contractualism: Moral and Political Issues in Contractualist Theory

May 11, 2012 - May 12, 2012
Philosophy Department, University of Rennes 1

Bâtiment 32B - amphi 12 et salle 13
Campus de Beaulieu

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Keynote speakers:

Catherine Colliot-Thélène
University of Rennes 1
Ann Cudd
University of Kansas
Tim Mulgan
University of St. Andrews
Nicholas Southwood
Australian National University


Magali Bessone
University of Rennes 1
François Calori
University of Rennes 1
Stéphane Lemaire
University of Rennes 1

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Rawls’ Theory of Justice established contractualism as one of the main contemporary views in moral and political philosophy. The many variants of contractualism that have since been offered testify of its remarkable and continuous significance. This multiplicity itself nonetheless raises some questions about the nature, scope and validity of contractualist theory. The aim of this conference is to question contractualism's structure, its grounds and its consequences.

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