CFP: Philosophical Ideas for a Brave New World of Work​​

Submission deadline: May 20, 2017

Conference date(s):
July 13, 2017 - July 15, 2017

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Conference Venue:

University of Minho
Braga, Portugal


In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in issues at the intersection of political philosophy and public policy. In particular, attention has increasingly turned to the question of what kind of institutions and policies would be needed in order to create a significantly more just society. 

Following past summer-schools on topics such as justice between generations (2010), democratic virtues (2011), radical democracy (2012), basic income (2013), predistribution and property-owning democracy (2014), the ethics of banking (2015), the commons (2016), our next summer-school will be devoted to the future of work and a society in which the nature, meaning and distribution of work is expected to change considerably. 

The future of work is a topic of growing interest within academia, where it features prominently in recent debates in philosophy, history, law, political science, and economics. It also features prominently in debates outside academia amongst social activists and policy-makers. In this summer school we will discuss insights emerging from philosophical reflection on the changing nature of work and think about normative principles guiding the future organization and allocation of work and its benefits and burdens.

The course features two invited professors, who each deliver three keynote lectures. In addition, we invite the participation of PhD students, postdoctoral scholars and established researchers to present their ongoing work on the philosophy of work or a related topic.

If you would like to participate, please send us an e-mail at   with your name and institutional details by 20 May 2017. If you would like to present your work to the summer school please send us a title and abstract of 300-500 words. The registration fee is 70 euros.

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