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11th Dimension Press is pleased to announce the birth of a new series of anthologies devoted to rebuilding a constructive discourse between the disciplines of physics and philosophy.  Φ (or Phi) will be published biannually, each focusing on a particular theme or problem.

In his 1993 Dreams of Final Theory, Nobel Prize winner Steven Weinberg disparages the value of philosophy in a chapter entitled, “Against Philosophy.” Similarly derogatory statements are made by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow in their The Grand Design.  More recently, in his A Universe from Nothing, Lawrence Krauss proclaims that, “philosophy and theology are incapable of addressing by themselves the truly fundamental questions that perplex us about our existence.”  The inaugural edition of this series will attempt to move beyond the disparaging attitudes expressed by these preeminent physicists.

11D Press invites papers of 5,000 – 10,000 words that postulate and explore the various ways the two disciplines might reciprocally benefit each other.  Papers might explore issues like:

  •  What methodological innovations can each discipline gain from the other?
  • Conceptual convergences (e.g., metaphysical realism as expressed in the two disciplines)
  • What insights can each discipline provide into the other’s ‘hard problems’?
  • Philosophical insights that may have emerged from contemporary physics/Physical insights that may have emerged in contemporary philosophy.

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