Hume and the Enlightenment

April 1, 2017
Department of Political Science, Loyola University, Chicago

Corboy Law Center Room 523 (5th floor)
25 E Pearson St
Chicago 60611
United States


  • The Jack Miller Foundation

Main speakers:

Elizabeth Goodnick
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Anton Matytsin
Kenyon College
Thomas Merrill
American University
Scott Yenor
Boise State University


Loyola University, Chicago

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**Please note that for security reasons, all attendees must provide a photo ID, conference room number (523), and title of conference to enter the Corboy Law Center.**

Keynote speakers:

Thomas Merrill (American University), author of Hume and the Enlightenment (CUP 2015)

Scott Yenor (Boise State University), author of David Hume’s Humanity: The Philosophy of Common Life and its Limits (Palgrave-Macmillan 2016)


Anton Matytsin (Kenyon College), author of The Specter of Skepticism in the Age of Enlightenment (Johns Hopkins 2016)

Elizabeth Goodnick (MSU-Denver), author of The Role of Naturalistic Explanation in Hume’s Critique of Religious Belief (University of Michigan 2010, dissertation)


        9:15am                 Coffee and danishes

        9:45am                 Welcome and Introduction

        10:00am               Keynote: Tom Merrill

        10:45am               Commentator: Anton Matytsin

        11:15am               Q&A

        12:00pm               Lunch break (on your own)

        1:30pm                 Keynote: Scott Yenor

        2:15pm                 Commentator: Liz Goodnick

        2:45pm                 Q&A

        3:30pm                 Coffee Break

        4:00pm                 Panel Discussion

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