Faith and Reason

March 21, 2017 - March 22, 2017
Christ Church, Oxford University

McKenna Room
St Aldates
Oxford OX1 1DP
United Kingdom


  • Brigham Young University


Paul Lodge
Oxford University
Mark Wrathall
University of California, Riverside

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The story of the secularization of the West is the story of an intermeshed set of profound changes in our practices for organizing society and ordering our day to day lives.  These changes have not just undermined traditional forms of religious existence.  They’ve also altered in general the way we think about the relationship between faith and the other aspects of our lives.  Contemporary culture is shaped by a widely-shared sense that rationality stands in a kind of necessary opposition to faith.  In this conference, we will explore this purported opposition with a particular concern for the way faith appears in the context of the practical setting of modern forms of life.  Participants include Judith Wolfe (University of St. Andrews), Moshe Halbertal (Hebrew University/NYU), Rachel Fraser (University of Cambridge), Mark Wynn (University of Leeds), Dan Watts (University of Essex), Jim Faulconer (Brigham Young University), Sophie Grace Chappell (The Open University), Paul Lodge (University of Oxford), and Mark Wrathall (University of California, Riverside).

A limited number of places at lunch and dinner on March 22nd are available gratis to participants.  To reserve a place, please contact Mark Wrathall at

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March 21, 2017, 3:00pm BST

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