Hegel, Tragedy, and Comedy

October 26, 2018 - October 28, 2018
Department of Political Science, Boston College

Chestnut Hill
United States

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The Hegel Society's 2018 Biennial Meeting will examine tragedy and comedy in Hegel’s philosophy.  Discussions that are pertinent to the issues of tragedy and comedy can be found throughout Hegel’s thought, from his early writings and the Jena Phenomenology of Spirit, to his later work on history, aesthetics, and religions, as well as in his practical philosophy.  Papers are welcome that address any of Hegel's treatments of these topics or indeed any of the philosophical or historical issues these discussions give rise to. 

Local Organizer: Paul Wilford (paul.wilford@bc.edu)

Deadline for submission of papers (email to m-alznauer@northwestern.edu): January 31, 2018

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October 19, 2018, 9:00am EST

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