The Forgotten Manuscript of A.C. Crombie and A. Carugo on the Natural Philosophy of Galileo and Mersenne

June 9, 2017
History Faculty , Oxford University

Danson Room
Trinity College, Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BH
Oxford UK
United Kingdom

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  • History Faculty, Oxford
  • Crombie family

All speakers:

Kwa Chunglin
University of Amsterdam
Buyse Filip
University of Oxford
Sarah Hutton
University of York
Dear Peter
Cornell University
Machamer Peter
University of Pittsburgh
Barker Peter
University of Oklahoma
Iliffe Robert
University of Oxford

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Recently, Dr. Filip Buyse discovered in the archives of Trinity College Oxford a substantial typescript (of over 2000 pages) composed by Professors Alistair Crombie and Adriano Carugo on the natural philosophies of Galileo and Mersenne.  In 1969, Crombie and Carugo jointly won the prestigious Galileo prize for the first version of the manuscript, and over the next two and a half decades, the two authors made major additions to the work.  The revision process came to an end with the death of Crombie in 1996, and the whereabouts of the typescript became unknown.

The rediscovery of the work allows historians to ask a number of questions about its content, and about the contribution it can still make to the field of the history early modern science.  The workshop will address the content of the work and the historical contexts of its composition, as well as the role it played in the careers of its two authors.  The conference will celebrate the rediscovery of the document, and it will take place in the Danson Room of Trinity College Oxford on 9 June 2017.  All are welcome!

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