CFP: Knowledge and Justification: New Perspectives (Special Issue of Synthese)

Submission deadline: September 1, 2017

Topic areas


Call for papers for the special issue 'Knowledge and Justification: New Perspectives' (Synthese).

Guest Editor: Rodrigo Borges, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, PUCRS.

Special Issue Description: This special issue aims at updating the philosophical scholarship on knowledge and justification with new, cutting edge work in epistemology. Although the analysis of knowledge and justification has been an obsession of epistemologists since Plato’s Theaetetus, much progress can still be made in our understanding of how those concepts relate to other epistemological concepts (e.g., does knowing entail safety?) and to each other (e.g., does knowledge entail justification?). This special issue is searching for work featuring new perspectives on these and other issues of interest such as the regress problem, the internalism/externalism debate, Cartesian skepticism, the question of whether knowledge is a mental state different from belief, and the question of whether justification/knowledge is partially determined by pragmatic factors.

Appropriate Topics for Submission include, among others:

  • epistemic internalism;
  • epistemic externalism;
  • knowledge;
  • epistemic justification;
  • coherentism;
  • foundationalism;
  • infinitism;
  • perceptual justification/knowledge;
  • inferential justification/knowledge;
  • epistemic norms;
  • ancient skepticism;
  • cartesian skepticism;
  • Moore's paradox;
  • dogmatism;
  • cognitive virtues/vices;
  • knowledge as a mental state;
  • fallibilism vs. infallibilism;
  • the easy knowledge problem;
  • knowledge from falsehood;
  • pragmatic encroachment;
  • know how;
  • the epistemological role of intuitions.

For further information, please contact the guest editor: epistemen[at]

The deadline for submissions is: September 1st, 2017.

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