CFP: Posglobalization, Decolonization, and Transmodernity

Submission deadline: June 30, 2017

Conference date(s):
September 26, 2017 - September 29, 2017

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Conference Venue:

The Association of Philosophy and Liberation (AFYL / Mexico
Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

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The border has a double meaning: it certainly separates, but it also unites. The increase in xenophobic manifestations has once again brought into question domestic politics and Mexico's relationship with Latin America, with other countries of the world and, of course, with the United States. Since Trump's rise to the presidency of the United States and the hostility shown so far, there is a possibility of greater independence in Latin American. The conditions could lead to a decolonization stage; but in addition, overt protectionism could result in a new chapter of globalization: post-globalization. All this, only if the people organize and fulfill their mission of 'obeying by commanding', with a government that knows to 'command by obeying'

The format we propose offers two clearly distinguishable areas of dialogue: on the one hand, an academic forum with its own language and method; And, on the other hand, activist gatherings with their most immediate concerns and adequate dynamics. This meeting aims to link the two areas in terms of a long-term commitment, where the border is defined more as a mere geographical accident than as a political obstacle, a place for the flow of solidarity rather than intolerance.

Key Note Speakers

Enrique Dussel, Ph.D. (UAM-I)

Nelson Maldonado Torres, Ph.D. (Rutgers University)

Topics of interest

Decolonial turn, epistemology, postsecularization, transmodernity, migration, ecology, social movements, femicides, Latinxs in the USA.


Submit a 600 words abstracts prepared for blind review to Attach a separate document with name and academic affiliation. Each speaker will have twenty minutes to present his/her paper. In consequence, it is recommended that full papers do not exceed 3500 words.

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40 USD


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Facebook    Asociación de Filosofía  y Liberación- México

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#Latin american philosophy. , #Philosophy and Liberation, #Decolonial turn, #Transmodernity, #Posglobalization, #Migration, #Femicides, #Latinxs in the US

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