CFP: Wittgenstein: Therapy or Post-Therapy?

Submission deadline: August 4, 2013

Conference date(s):
August 4, 2013 - August 10, 2013

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Conference Venue:

British Wittgenstein Society
Athens, Greece

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The BWS Editor Costas Athanasoploulos is interested in requesting a Special Round Table Session from the organisers of the World Congress of Philosophy (FISP) in Athens ( 4-10 August 2013), on the theme: Wittgenstein: Therapy or Post-Therapy? (to match the general theme of the WCP in Athens: Philosophy as an Inquiry or a Way of Life). If enough people from the BWS are interested we can make it a Society meeting; if around 4 BWS members are interested we can make it a round table discussion. At the event, we can present the aims and activities of the BWS Society and then members of the Society can present their work in relation to the specific theme of the Round Table (broadly construed). Fees are the normal participating fees for Conference delegates. Please send an email to Costas ( or with a topic of your interest (and then proceed to make your registration at the Congress as indicated in their webpages). 

We hope that many of the more than 300 members of BWS will join us in this endeavour to discuss Wittgenstein Studies in this important meeting of cultures and philosophies in Athens.

More information about the Congress is here:

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