Preparing for something that never happens: Buddhist reflections on the nonduality of means and ends
David R Loy ()

part of: Australasian Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy
July 11, 2017, 4:00pm - 6:30pm
Philosophy Dept/Studies of Religions, Deakin University

Deakin Downtown 727 Collins St

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Second Biennial Max Charlesworth Memorial Lecture

July 11, 4.00 - 6.30pm.

Deakin Downtown Level 12, Tower 2

727 Collins St Melbourne

This public lecture is free and all are welcome. For organizational purposes please RSVP with Charlesworth Lecture 2017 in the subject line to: Dr Leesa Davis (

 The lecture is also a keynote lecture of the 2017 Australasian Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy Conference hosted by Deakin University.

The lecture will be given by Professor David R. Loy (Besl Family Chair Professor of Ethics, Religion and Society, Xavier University (Retired))

Dr Bronwyn Finnigan (Australian National University) will respond.


Preparing for Something that Never Happens: Buddhist Reflections on the Nonduality of Means and Ends

"When I think of all the books I have read, and of the wise words I have heard spoken, and of the anxiety I have given to parents and grandparents, and of the hopes I have had, all life weighed in the scales of my own life seems to me a preparation for something that never happens" (W. B. Yeats). Are we always preparing to live, in a way that overlooks something important about here and now? I'll offer a Buddhist perspective on why that tends to happen, and what the alternative might be.

Professor Max Charlesworth was a Philosopher and Foundation Dean of the School of Humanities at Deakin University. Further information about Max can be found here:

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