CFP: Introduction to Philosophy Open Textbook: chapter authors for Ethics and Aesthetics

Submission deadline: August 31, 2017

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I’m editing an open textbook for Introduction to Philosophy courses. An open textbook is like a regular textbook only it’s: (a) free of cost, and (b) licensed to allow others to reuse, revise, redistribute it. Usually open textbooks are online and can be downloaded in multiple formats.   You can see more information about this project in a blog post I wrote about it:  You can also see more documents about the project at the top of this discussion thread:

We are currently looking for people who would be willing to write a chapter for two Parts of the textbook: Ethics and Aesthetics (those are the two we have Part Editors for so far). Writing a chapter means about 2000-3000 words, and each chapter will be part of the larger “Parts” of either Ethics or Aesthetics, in the longer Intro to Philosophy textbook. Please see here for more information on what being a chapter author entails:  

Please note that this is volunteer work! The book will be free and no one is getting paid for doing this work.    But we are working with a foundation called Rebus who is publishing the book, and thus is will be an official open textbook rather than something that is just published out of my hard drive!  The Rebus Community is a non-profit organization developing a new, collaborative process for publishing open textbooks. Rebus is building tools and resources to support open textbook publishing, and to bring together a community of faculty, librarians, students and others working with open textbooks around the world. You can see more about Rebus here: If you want more information about Rebus, you can contact Zoe Wake Hyde at  [email protected]  

If you think you might be interested, please reply to me off list: [email protected]   And please forward this message to anyone in Philosophy you think might be interested! We are ideally looking for people with a PhD and teaching experience in philosophy, but could also have PhD students if they really want to author a chapter.  

Thanks for considering!  

Christina Hendricks


Christina Hendricks
Professor of Teaching
Department of Philosophy
University of British Columbia-Vancouver
[email protected]


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