CFP: Φ: Building and Exploring the Intersections between Physics and Philosophy

Submission deadline: December 2, 2012

Topic areas


The editors of Φ invite papers of 3,000 – 10,000 words that postulate and explore the various ways the two disciplines might reciprocally benefit each other.  Papers might explore issues like:

  • What methodological innovations can each discipline gain from the other?
  • Conceptual convergences (e.g., metaphysical realism as expressed in the two disciplines)
  • What insights can each discipline provide into the other’s ‘hard problems’?
  • Philosophical insights that may have emerged from contemporary physics/Physical insights that may have emerged in contemporary philosophy.

Please send the following to in .doc(x) or .pdf format:

  1. A cover letter containing (a) the author’s name, (b) institutional affiliation (if any), (c) contact information, (d) the title of the paper, and (e) a word count
  2. The paper itself prepared for blind review including the title and a short abstract (no more than 200 words)

For further enquiries, please email or visit our website.

Supporting material

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