CFP: Breaking the Boundaries: New Frontiers in Philosophy of Religion

Submission deadline: December 1, 2017

Topic areas


Breaking the Boundaries: New Frontiers in Philosophy of Religion

Editors: Kevin Timpe (Calvin College), Blake Hereth (University of Washington)

Confirmed Contributors: Dustin Crummett, Christina Van Dyke, Faith Glavey Pawl, Michelle Panchuk, Kelli Potter, Scott Williams, Sameer Yadav

Deadline for Abstracts: December 1, 2017

Call for Papers

This volume will address underrepresented and unrepresented topics in Analytic philosophy of religion and Analytic philosophical theology.

Questions the editors would like to see addressed include, but aren't restricted to, the following:

  • What sexual activity (if any) will occur in the afterlife?
  • Is procreation permissible in the afterlife?
  • What does omnisubjectivity imply about the divine identity and intersectional standpoint epistemology?
  • Are implicit biases part of or identical to Original Sin?
  • Is it be permissible for a divine person to sexually reproduce?
  • What do feminist conceptions of the divine imply about the divine gender or dependence on a divine partner or family?
  • Does reincarnation offer the prospect of equal opportunities?
  • Are divine incarnations instances of disabilities?
  • Do considerations of justice require embodiment in the afterlife?
  • Will the cognitive abilities of animals be 'enhanced' after their biological deaths?

Submissions: Send anonymized abstracts of 1,000 to Please include your name, affiliation, position, and contact information in your email. Decisions will be made by January 2018 with full initial drafts (of circa 10,000 words) due in September 2018. All accepted papers will be part of a proposal sent to major philosophical presses. Philosophers who are members of traditionally underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply and to self-identify in their emails. Analytic philosophers whose primary work is not within philosophy of religion (e.g., philosophers of disability and philosophers of race) are also very welcome to apply.

Inquiries: Please direct all inquiries to Kevin Timpe and Blake Hereth at

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