CFP: Logics and Metalogics

Submission deadline: November 10, 2017

Conference date(s):
June 21, 2018 - June 26, 2018

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Conference Venue:

Université Clermont Auvergne LIMOS, CNRS
Vichy, France

Topic areas


CFP      We invite authors to submit two to three pages extended abstract for the
consideration of a presentation at the workshop on " Logics and Metalogics. 
Let us quote Church's concern, in the context of logical languages : `... we may distinguish between use and mention of a word or symbol...As a precaution against univocation, we shall hereafter avoid the practice - which might otherwise sometimes be convenient - of borrowing formulas of the object language for use in the syntax language (or other meta-language) with the same meaning that they have in the object language.' In this regard, we would be interested to look for topics addressing the following issues. Any other related topics, not covered in the following list, are also welcome. 
(1) Logic building: involving both object and meta levels  (2) Many-valuedness in meta level of a logic (3) Existing logics with two distinct layers of language and reasoning (4) Philosophical perspectives in maintaining level distinction in logic (5) Multiagent systems: as a practical necessity pressing towards different layers of logics 

Authors are requested to submit extended abstracts at  by November 10, 2017.   

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