CFP: Routledge Handbook for the Philosophy of Evidence

Submission deadline: December 15, 2017

Topic areas


Call For Proposals for Routledge Handbook for the Philosophy of Evidence

Trent Dougherty, Maria Lasonen-Aarnio, and Clayton Littlejohn, Editors

We are looking for proposals between approximately 400 and 800 words for 6000 word essays providing opinionated introductions interacting with the relevant literature to the topics listed below.  Submissions from underrepresented groups are especially encouraged. 

Please send abstracts BOTH in the main body of the email AND as an attachment, preferably MS Word.  Please name the document according to this template Lastname_Topic, e.g. “Gonzalez_Medicine.”  Submissions need not be blinded.  Feel free to suggest alternative topics not on this list.  

Proposed Topics: 

  • Explanation and Evidence
  • Measures of Evidential Support
  • Paradoxes of Confirmation
  • Feminism and Evidence
  • Evidence and Theory-ladenness
  • Evidence, Bias, and Objectivity
  • Evidence and Intuition
  • Evidence and the A Priori
  • Perception and Evidence
  • Evidence and Context
  • Evidence in the Natural Science
  • Evidence and Big Data

Currently Confirmed Contributors include (but are not limited to):

  • Jessica Brown, University of St. Andrews
  • Kenny Easwaran, Texas A&M University
  • Georgi Gardiner, Rutgers University
  • Thomas Kelly, Princeton University
  • Jennifer Lackey, Northwestern University
  • Errol Lord, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jonathan Matheson, University of North Florida
  • Kevin McCain, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Ted Poston, University of South Alabama
  • Jeffrey Russell, University of Southern California
  • Bernhard Salow, Trinity College, Cambridge University
  • Kurt L. Sylvan, University of Southampton
  • Christopher Tucker, William and Mary College
  • Ralph Wedgewood, University of Southern California

Please send all proposals to

Proposals Due: 15th December 2017

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