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Submission deadline: October 31, 2017

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The Call: The Society for Philosophy of Emotion (SPE) will be migrating their website to a WordPress platform and we are looking for someone who would be willing to volunteer some of their time in order to be our IT Administrator. The IT Administrator will be responsible for managing the SPE’s WordPress website, including the processing of membership registration and management using WordPress’s s2Member plugin. They will be working with the SPE governing board and will be given a free membership with the SPE in exchange for their help. Please see the information provided below for more details.   

Description of the Society: The Society for Philosophy of Emotion (SPE) is a  product of the Journal of Philosophy of Emotion (JPE), and was established as an association of scholars who are interested in philosophical concerns about emotion, broadly construed, from a wide range of philosophical and interdisciplinary perspectives, including metaphysics, philosophy of mind, epistemology, philosophy of language, ethics, aesthetics, non-Western philosophy, political philosophy, feminist philosophy, philosophy of race, philosophy of disability, experimental philosophy, moral psychology, psychology, neural science, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, law, economics, and business. The SPE holds that philosophers of emotion can learn from emotion experts in other areas and disciplines, and vice versa. It seeks to encourage an open exchange of ideas on emotion, does not promote any specific ideology, and shares the core values of diversity, inclusiveness, collegiality/community, honesty, integrity, the principle of charity, rigorous scholarship, and clarity of content with the JPE, its current sole non-profit corporate proprietor. All the funds generated from SPE membership fees, minus the amount dedicated to support the JPE fulfill its mission, are reinvested by the JPE to help the SPE fulfill its mission.  

Contact Information/Application Instructions: If you are interested in volunteering to be the IT Administrator for the SPE, please send an email to by October 31, 2017 with the following. Applicants will be notified by November 10, 2017.

  1. Send an email, with your name and the words “SPE IT Administrator” in the subject line.
  2. Include in the email, a brief statement of why you would like to be the IT Administrator for the SPE, for how long you would like to make such a commitment to the SPE, and when you would be able to begin.
  3. Please include your CV, including any information about your experience with WordPress and WordPress’s s2Member plugin.

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