CFP: Enhancing Human Experience via Emerging Technologies

Submission deadline: January 23, 2012

Conference date(s):
March 27, 2012 - March 28, 2012

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Conference Venue:

Laval University
Laval, France

Topic areas


Young and old alike believe that the human experience could gain something if better informed about up-coming technologies. Learning about them at an early stage helps in making key decisions about one's personal future. Although the approach is somewhat individual and devoted to those concerned, collectively oriented health and entertainment will gain from observing individual practices in the matter.

Government policy incorporating emergent technology progress through monitoring will renew itself in a relevant way. However, in the name of progress people are increasingly willing to accept risk; the possible downfall of this movement is its ability to promote taking risks. But then again, could we or would we want to stop it? If we are to enhance the human experience, the pros and cons of each situation must be considered. Modifying or augmenting humans surely raises a certain number of issues. What are they? What aspect of life should one proceed to enhance? Which sectors or issues should become priority elements? Which academic disciplines are involved and why? What limits technological change? Does one have an acceptance threshold? If so, how would one express it?  What are the long term implications of enhancement? Establishing a topology of possible applications and their contexts would be desirable for this symposium on enhancing members of our society.

Keywords & Topics:

  • Definitions of enhancement
  • Robot companions for citizens
  • Jungling multiple identities
  • Advanced interfaces for increasing social presence
  • Augmented health
  • Epistemology of tech. innovation
  • Care-giving robots
  • Psychological analysis of acceptance
  • Augmented Well-being
  • Ubiquitous internet or computing
  • Social roles in emerging tech. contexts
  • Holistic, pragmatic and systemic approaches to resolving well-being difficulties
  • Augmented Context-Awareness
  • Communication enabling and enhancing tech.
  • Incommunicability
  • Human factors psychology and needs assessment
  • Mind/body problem
  • New worlds and belief revision
  • Moral and ethical dimensions of enhancement
  • Hybrid engineering
  • Progress and technological obsolescence
  • Co-constructed experiences
  • Interventionism or Science policy issues
  • The notions of Self or Identity in human experience
  • Public information points and communication devices
  • Technological Singularity success or failure
  • Roles of otherhood in one's experiences
  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Theoretical controversies
  • Emergent intentional states
  • Transhumanistic stances
  • Augmented emotion

DEADLINE to submit a paper: January 23rd, 2012

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Submission deadline: 23 January 2012
Notification to Authors: 7 February 2012
Final Camera-Ready Submission: Until 29 February 2012
The authors of the best publications will be invited to submit a paper in the international journal IJODIR

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