CFP: Pennsylvania Circle of Ancient Philosophy

Submission deadline: December 20, 2017

Conference date(s):
March 23, 2018 - March 25, 2018

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Conference Venue:

Department of Philosophy , Pennsylvania State University
State College, United States

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Guide for the submission abstracts: There are two types of submissions accepted for this conference, for “Paper sessions” and “Workshop presentations.” Indicate which in the subject line of your email, with enclosure in PDF form, to: [email protected] (to which you may also address informational questions). You may submit both types in separate emails. 

  1. Paper sessions: Paper sessions will allow 30 minutes for presentation and discussion.  a.Abstracts should be 600 words  b. Include a representative bibliography  c. Prepare your abstracts for blind review (no identifying names/information)

           2. Workshop presentations: This conference will include three pedagogical workshops – 90-120 minute structured round-table discussions about topics relevant to teachers of ancient philosophy. We solicit participants for these round-tables who can address, in 5-10 minutes, ways to include texts from the relevant persons/topic in a philosophy curriculum or research program. Participants need not be experts in the relevant field.  a. Topics (1) Heraclitus (2) Philodemus (3) Ancient Women Philosophers  b. Include a detailed description of the content of the presentation and your fit for the relevant round table of about 400 words.   

Workshop Leaders: Dr. Walter Brogan, Villanova University (Heraclitus) Dr. David Kaufman, Transylvania University (Philodemus) Kris McLain, Pennsylvania State Univ. (Ancient Women Philosophers)   For more information on PCAP, please see the website:

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