*Critical May 68*

May 29, 2018 - May 30, 2018
CineLab, Universidade Nova de Lisboa


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*Critical May 68*

On the occasion of the 50 years of the ‘events of May’ we aim, with the International Symposium Cinema and Philosophy, to look at this particularly eventful historical period, and at the manifold philosophical, artistic and cinematographic encounters, researches and outputs of the period that are of substantial import for critical thinking today.

Decolonial wars, workers movements and the involvement of intellectuals; film collectives and militant films; auteurist and pedagogical films - the geopolitical cadre gave place to an expansive mobilization and to cultural, artistic and social forms of organization and work. This historical moment is fertile in discussions and research onto the relations between cinema, thinking and otherness, to ‘contest dominant culture’s continuities’ as Fredric Jameson noted. We are particularly interested in looking into the philosophical and critical thought that emerged at this moment, how it carried to filmmaking and its continued importance both methodologically and critically, today.

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