CFP: Philosophy’s Religions: Challenging Continental Philosophy of Religion

Submission deadline: May 10, 2018

Conference date(s):
September 5, 2018 - September 7, 2018

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Conference Venue:

Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Topic areas


Continental philosophy of religion has succeeded in many ways to question and contest modern divides between philosophy and theology, opening up new, postmodern possibilities for their encounter and dialogue. However, this process also has been perceived with suspicion from both sides. On the one hand, some philosophers accuse continental philosophy of religion of a crypto-theology that colonizes philosophy; on the other hand, theologians often regard postmodern continental philosophy as a Trojan horse designed to further weaken the fundaments of religion in its fecund, lived practices. This conference wishes to examine the complex relationship between contemporary philosophy and religion/theology by turning its attention primarily to the vast field of phenomenology and hermeneutics, unveiling the variety of religious topoi within these disciplines and assessing their potential for dialogue with theology (with its own internal diversifications and confessional differences).

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Conference language: English

Paper proposals with the title of presentation and an abstract of no more than 200 words (with 5-7 keywords) should be sent to Please include author’s full name, contact address, institutional affiliation and academic position.

Abstract submission deadline: 10th May 2018.

Notification of acceptance: 1st June 2018.

Organizing committee: Branko Klun (University of Ljubljana), Michael Staudigl (University of Vienna), Lenart Škof (Science and Research Centre, Koper), Luka Trebežnik (University of Ljubljana)

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