CFP : Edited book on Predictive Processing

Submission deadline: March 14, 2021

Topic areas


Call for Chapters

Collective Book: “Predictive Processing: a New Model of the Brain” (Vernon Press)


Manuel Curado (University of Minho)

Steven S. Gouveia (PhD Student - University of Minho)

Confirmed contributors: Thomas Metzinger and Wanja Wiese, Dina Mendonça, Jorge Gonçalves, Valtteri Arstila, Jarno Tuominen & Susanne Uusitalo (more confirmations soon).

1. Topic:

We are looking for original (non-published) chapters:

1) that combines empirical research with Predictive Processing (neuro or cognitive science);

2) that works the relationship between Predictive Processing and Mental Health:

3) that focus on the philosophical assumptions of the PP framework;

4) relationship between concepts (Self, perception, memory, FEP, FEM) and PP;

5) Others. 

2. General aspects:

- Text: Times New Roman, size 12, 1,5 (spacing), justified.

- Title: in the beginning of the paper, in SMALL CAPS, bold, centered, size 14.

- The name of the author should be included under the title, on the right side, size 12. Along the name put a * to a footnote which must include the institution and other relevant information about the author.

- Before the main text you should include an abstract (max. 300 words) and up to 5 keywords, size 12.

- Notes should be numbered automatically placed after any punctuation mark (Ex. "cogito, ergo sum",[1]) and should be included in the footnote (not in the end of the text).

- Size: 5.000 – 10.000 words.


3. Citations:

- Quotations up to 3 lines should appear in the text, between quotation marks (use high quotes) “cogito, ergo sum” (Descartes, 1671: 12), with the respective reference literature at the end of the quotation with the following format: Author, year: pp.

- Longer quotations (more than 3 lines) must be submitted retreated (2 tabulations) and size 11, followed by the respective reference in brackets in the following format: (Author, year: 145-55).

- Quotes within quotes, use « ».

4. References:

- Article: LAST NAME, first name followed by (year) "Title"name of journal, Vol. IV (n. 18): pp. 123-35.
Ex. TAYLOR, E. I. (2010) “William James and the humanistic implications of the neuroscience revolution: An outrageous hypothesis” Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 50 (4): 410–429.

- Book: LAST NAME, first name followed by (year) Title of the book, City: Publisher.

Ex. DENNETT, Daniel (2013) Intuition Pumps, London: Penguin Books.

·  Please send the final version of your paper until the March, 14, to the following email address: -  -

Thank you

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