Philosophies in Practice: Philosophies of Teaching and Teaching in Philosophy

November 15, 2011
Nottingham Trent University

Clifton Campus, Room GE219
United Kingdom

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This symposium will present a number of papers and workshops on best practice in philosophy teaching. Its aim is to conceptualize and demonstrate different practical approaches to the teaching of Philosophy in an effort to create flourishing learning environments. In its focus on philosophies in practice, the symposium will engage the concept of teaching by examining the relationship between the formation of thinking and critical learning environments. Lecturers and students are invited
toreflect on their own philosophies of teaching and to contribute to discussions on issues such as: the best forms of philosophical teaching, the wider significance of philosophy, the relationship between the teaching of philosophy and technology, and writing in philosophy. In sum, we want you to share views on what makes a good philosophy teacher a good philosophy teacher.


2.00-2.40  Dr Neal Curtis, University of Nottingham. 'Teaching Philosophy to Counter Dogma.'

2.40-3.20  Dr Keith Crome and Ruth Farrar, Manchester Metropolitan University, “Philosophy and Education:  Thinking the Possible, Challenging the Actual.”


3.40-4.20  Dr Sara Motta, University of Nottingham, ‘Teaching Philosophy as Transgressive Spaces of Possibility.’

4.20-5.00  Prof. Tony Burns, University of Nottingham. ‘Introducing Philosophy through Works of  Literature and Film: The Example of The Matrix’.

All welcome!

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