CFP: What May We Believe? What Ought We To Do?

Submission deadline: January 31, 2012

Conference date(s):
September 17, 2012 - September 20, 2012

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Conference Venue:

Universität Konstanz
Konstanz, Germany

Topic areas


We are convinced that philosophy best acts from its center and most intensely radiates from there to its multifarious philosophical, scientific and social challenges. And its center consists in its central, in its so-called eternal questions. This is reflected in the theme of the congress, which poses two of those central questions, perhaps the two most important: What may we believe? What ought we to do?

Three main lectures and eleven colloquia will pursue those questions in varying contexts. The main speakers are: Peter M.S. Hacker, Ulrich Blau (Erkenntnis Lecture) und Roy Sorensen. Speakers of the so-called Author's-Colloquium will be: Rüdiger Bittner (Frege-Prize-Winner), Sarah Buss und Thomas E. Hill. Invited speakers of the 10 further colloquia will be: Jc Beall, Ken Binmore, Emma Borg, James Conant, Gerhard Ernst, Zoltán Gendler Szabó, Ronald Giere, Gerd Gigerenzer, Alison Hills, Iwao Hirose, Dominic Hyde, Pierre Jacob, E. Jonathan Lowe, Weyma Lübbe, Josef Perner, Graham Priest, Jim Pryor, Wlodek Rabinowicz, François Récanati, Geoffrey Sayre-McCord, Peter Schroeder-Heister, Peter Simons, Alison Simmons, Brian Skyrms, Gianfranco Soldati, Kim Sterelny, Barry Stroud, Paul Teller, Chris Tucker, and Roger White.

As in the preceding congresses there will be eight sections serving a comprehensive exchange on all topics of analytic philosophy. GAP invites all interested persons to submit contributions to GAP.8. There is a novelty: not only talks, but also posters can be submitted. All submissions can be either iin German or in English language.

Talks must not exceed 25 minutes; then there will be 10 minutes time for discussion. Posters will be presented in the DIN A0 format. Talks and posters can be independently submitted and will be independently reviewed. If more acceptable talks should be submitted than time allows in the various sections, we reserve the right to propose a change to a submisssion in the poster sessions. The University of Konstanz offers a best paper and a best poster award (500 Euro each).

If you want to submit a talk or a poster, please submit a short abstract  (less than 350 words) and an extended abstract (of about 1000 words) via our conference tool by January 31, 2012, at the latest. The conference tool will be activated at December 5, 2011 on our homepage Please submit your short abstract as a word document (MS Word version 97_2003) and follow the formatting instructions that will be given in our homepage. Your submission should be anonymized in order to allow for anonymized reviewing. All submissions will be reviewed by at least two referees. Decisions are scheduled for April 2012. Revisions of accepted contributions must be received by May 11, 2012, at the latest.

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