Surviving Eugenics: Free Screening and Discussion Panel
Robert A. Wilson (La Trobe University), James Bradley (University of Melbourne), Susan Oldmeadow

April 17, 2018, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Melbourne Free University and Philosophical Engagement in Public Life (PEiPL)

Thornbury Picture House
802 High Street, Thornbury


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"Surviving Eugenics" is a 44-minute documentary abou thet history and ongoing significance of eugenics.  Anchored by survivor narratives form the province of Alberta in Canada, Surviving Eugneics provides a unique insiders' view of life in institutions for the "feebleminded" and raises broader questions about disability, human variation, and contemporary social policies.  The film screening will be followed by a panel discussion abou thte issues raised in the film, and about eugenics in hte Australian contemporary and historical contexts.  Panelists: Rob Wilson, professor of philosophy at La Trobe, and co-director and executive producer of the film; Susan Oldmeadow, a GP with a special interest in the stories and expeirences of those using IVF technologies to form their families; James Bradley, lecturer in the History of Medicine and Life Sciences at the University of Melbourne.  Free and open to all, but entry on a first come, first served basis.

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