CFP: 5th International Philosophy Congress

Submission deadline: May 25, 2018

Conference date(s):
October 11, 2018 - October 13, 2018

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Conference Venue:

Department of Philosophy, Uludag University
Bursa, Turkey


“War and Peace”
When we look at the update discussions, we recognize war and peace as the concepts thought, spoken and written every day. In this respect, we come up with speeches and posts about war and peace on television, in the newspapers and on social media. Some try to
legitimate the war by listing a number of reasons which they provide to justify the act of killing. Among the reasons for war are the integrity of the country, struggle against terrorism and colonialism, liberty and independence etc. All of these are of great importance and the concepts uttered in this context are crucial for the world of man. The widely uttered words like liberty, independence, colonialism and terror – sometimes utterer by us – are in fact
concepts that require a deep discussion. That’s why these concepts have to be revisited and thought from different perspectives.

Congress Topics

War and Justice

War and Peace

War and Science

War and Gender

War and Democracy

War and Religion

War and Literature

War and Economy

War and Philosophy

War and Health

War and Law

War and the Refugee Problem

War and Freedom

War and Politics

War and Art

War and Colonialism

War and Terrorism

Peace and Justice

Peace and Science

Peace and Gender

Peace and Democracy

Peace and Religion

Peace and Literature

Peace and Economy

Peace and Philosophy

Peace and Law

Peace and Freedom

Peace and Politics

Peace and Art

Death and Life

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