CFP: Jean Améry: New Perspectives

Submission deadline: August 1, 2018

Topic areas


Marking the 40th anniversary of Améry’s suicide, we invite papers for a special volume (to be published by Palgrave Macmillan) exploring the many faces of Améry’s thought.

We especially welcome papers that address Améry’s writings from a broad historical, cultural and philosophical perspective, for instance:

● Different aspects of Améry’s acceptance in Germany and France.

● Améry’s conception of literature and art in his essays on literature and film.

● Améry’s writings on others novelists and authors (e.g. on Thomas Mann, Georges Bataille).

● Améry’s philosophical writings and his critique of German philosophy (Hegel, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Marcuse, Bloch, kritische Theorie) .

● Améry’s reflections on French philosophy and its influence on French thought (Sartre, Levi-Strauss, Foucault).

● Améry on current affairs: Ancient and modern anti-Semitism, Israel, post war Europe, the question of political terror, radicalism in politics etc.

● Améry’s literary works ("Charles Bovary, Landarzt. Portrait eines einfachen Mannes").

● Améry’s letters (1945-1978) and their relation to his thought.

Please submit abstracts of about 300 words to [email protected] no later than 1.8.2018 – answers will be sent out within three weeks. Please also include a cover page with the title of your paper, your full name and your institutional affiliation.

Supporting material

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