The Aristotelian God and German Idealism: The Absolute as Actuality, Activity, or Thought

July 12, 2018
Humboldt University of Berlin

Unter den Linden 6, Raum 2249a

Keynote speakers:

Pennsylvania State University



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The German idealists had a great interest in Aristotle’s Metaphysics. In this conference, speakers will explore the German idealists’ ways of pursuing philosophical questions they found in Aristotle. For example, is there an argument from the claim that thought is self-referential to the conclusion that thought must be pure activity? Are there other arguments for the conclusion that there must be an absolute or a God that is an unmoved mover or pure actuality? Should we conclude from Aristotelian considerations either that a kind of thought—thought thinking itself—is absolute? Or rather that there are limitations of thought?


9.00 Greeting  9.10-9.50 Zaida Olvera 9.50-10.00 Comments by Karin Nisenbaum 10.00-10.40 Discussion 10.40-11.20 Coffee break 11.20-12.20 James Kreines 12.20-12.30 Comments by Jake McNulty 12.30-13.10 Discussion 13.10-14.40 Lunch break 14.40-15.20 Brady Bowman 15.20-15.30 Comments by Johannes-Georg Schülein 15.30-16.10 Discussion 16.10-17.00 Coffee Break 17.00-17.40 Marcela García 17.40-17.50 Comments by Jeanne Allard 17.50-18.30 Discussion 18.30 Closing words

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July 4, 2018, 2:00pm CET

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