CFP: Call for Proposals - Memory, Individuals, Individuations

Submission deadline: September 1, 2018

Topic areas


This is the first of two consecutive issues dedicated to memory. It deals especially with memory as it relates to both individuality and individuation processes; the second issue (n. 29) will be dedicated to memory in its social and political dimensions. In n. 28, memory will be addressed as a historiographic, metaphysical, phenomenological and epistemological problem.



Procedure: Send an abstract of up to 4,000 characters, including the title of the proposed contribution and an outline of its argument, to by the specified deadline. Proposals will be evaluated by the editors of the journal and a panel of readers, and the results of the selection will be announced to the authors by 20 September 2018. Accepted papers will then have to be submitted to the editors by a new deadline, which will be announced to the authors with the results of the selection, and will undergo a double-blind review.

Call for abstracts / papers

The editors invite researchers and scholars working in the fields of philosophy of memory to contribute to issue 1/2019 according to the following guidelines. We invite proposals (abstracts) in any of the following four areas:

1. Memory in the History of Philosophy - Papers in this section should address memory from a historical point of view, dealing with the major accounts of it in the History of Western Philosophy, from Plato to the XXI Century. Papers addressing historical discussions of physiological, medical and metaphysical accounts of (episodic) memory are welcome. Papers addressing the History of Philosophy of Mind, particularly those thematizing the function of memory in the early theories of soul, including mnemotechnics, consciousness, perception, and subjectivity, are welcome. And papers addressing memory in the entire history of the body-mind problem are welcome.

2. Individual Memory Between Topology, Ontology, Causation and Time - This section is dedicated to the organization of memory, as well as to the ontology of memory and recall. Papers should contribute to the philosophical understanding of one or more of the following matters: the ontological status of memory traces, mnemic causation, the causal and/or non-causal explanation of recall. Papers about the synchronic or diachronic nature of memory are welcome too. Papers devoted to specific intersections between Phenomenology, Post-Phenomenology, Analytic Philosophy and Cognitive Psychology are also welcome.

3. Memory, Individuation, Process, Technology - Papers in this section should thematize memory from the perspective of Process Philosophy, Philosophy of Individuation and Philosophy of Technology. Papers may address the following questions: what is memory’s role in the becoming of individuation processes (including biological ones), and what is its role in technological ones? Papers dealing with the intersection between Philosophy and Biology are also welcome. Papers dealing with contemporary Philosophy of Technology, including cybernetics, automation and the digital, are welcome. And papers dealing with the ontology of computer memory are welcome.

4. The Epistemology of Memory: Personal Representation, and Reality - Papers in this section are expected to address memory as a representative, metarepresentative, propositional and epistemological issue. Papers about the Epistemology of memory are welcome. Papers about the Narrative and/or Contextualist nature of memory are welcome. Papers dealing with the value of memory are welcome.

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