History of Philosophy and histories of philosophies

November 1, 2018 - November 2, 2018
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy


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History of Philosophy and histories of philosophies

November 1-2, 2018, NaUKMA (National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy")

XIII International Academic Conference “Philosophy: The New Generation”

Historiography in humanities induces lots of methodological and hermeneutical issues. There are at least two competing approaches in this field. The first one tends to establish an integral and consistent description of the past. On the contrary, the second one aims at undermining the attempts to create unified history, transforming it into an intertwined tangle of narratives.

The discussion of the issues related to historiography of philosophy raises comprehensive questions. Is it possible to ask philosophers of the past contemporary questions? Or, is it better not to interfere with the authenticity of the past and explore its characters in a historical context? How does the philosophical canon of modernity look like, and is it possible to change its main features? Can we ascribe existence to the “eternal” philosophical issues and, thereby, legitimize historiosophic plots created on their basis.

We are pleased to invite you to reflect on the History of Philosophy and histories of philosophies: on linear and universal or full of ruptures and entanglements.

To apply, please, fill out the online form (https://goo.gl/forms/lAqpPoa8mts1TiZD2) and send your abstract to phil.new.gen@gmail.com

Application deadlines:

October 1, 2018 – for Ukrainian participants and foreign participants who do not need a visa

Formal requirements for abstracts:

● Text: max 4500 characters with spaces;

● Font: Times New Roman, size 12; 1,5 space, one-inch page margin;

● Specify your name and surname, institution, faculty, specialization, and title (center alignment) at the top of the document with an abstract;

● The title of the document must include author’s surname;

● In-text citations and bibliography must be formatted according to the APA style.

Working languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian.

The organizing committee has a right to reject materials which do not correspond to the content and formal requirements.

Abstracts will be published.

Transportation and accommodation costs are not covered.

If you have any questions and suggestions, please, do not hesitate to contact us at phil.new.gen@gmail.com

Contact persons:

+38 (068) 778 86 62 – Olena Syrbu, conference coordinator

+38 (050) 8590174 – Yelyzaveta Borysenko

+38 (097) 5330828 – Yaroslav Spichek

Facebook page: facebook.com/philosophynewgeneration

Webpage: philosophynewgeneration.wordpress.com

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