Pursuit of Platonistic Tethering to the Truth
Hanti Lin (University of California, Davis), null, Hanti Lin

July 27, 2018, 7:00am - 9:00am
Logic Group, The University of Melbourne

Old Arts
Parkville 3010


National Taiwan University

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Hanti Lin (UC Davis) will present "Pursuit of Platonistic Tethering to the Truth" at 11 in Old Arts 209 on 27 July.

Abstract: I will start by doing some epistemology and philosophy of science, and the result leads to a new view about inductive logic and its relation to deductive logic. To be more specific, I will start by defending a certain epistemological tradition, which has two essential parts. (1) It takes seriously an ideal of learning that Plato praises in Meno---the ideal of coming to have one's opinions be "tethered" to the truth, aka convergence to the truth; (2) it employs this platonic ideal of learning to evaluate inductive procedures, as recommended by Peirce, Reichenbach, and Putnam. I will address some philosophical challenges to this tradition, and refine it into a clearly stated view in the epistemology of inductive inference and belief revision. It also leads to a view about inductive logic: that, while deductive logic studies perfectly reliable preservation of truth, inductive logic studies progressively more reliable preservation of truth---more and more reliable as evidence or premises accumulate.  

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