From a Constitutivist Account of Moral Reasons to a Comprehensive Moral Doctrine
Michael Smith

September 14, 2018, 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Centre for Human Bioethics and Department of Philosophy, Monash University

E561, 5th Floor, Menzies Buildng
Monash University
Melbourne 3800


Constitutivism promises to provide us with two things: an account of the distinction between moral and non-moral reasons, and a story about how we move from an account of that distinction to an account of what it is for acts to be morally obligatory, morally permissible, and morally forbidden. But what is the relationship between these various definitions and a comprehensive moral doctrine? My aim in the talk is to answer this question. If what I say is along the right lines, then it turns out that we need to radically rethink the nature of normative ethics.

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